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2007 September

Virsyn Reflect - The Algorithmic Reverb goes version 1.1 - (2007-09-23)
Through analyzing various hardware reverbs VirSyn added over 50 new reverb programs to Reflect. Features:
- 50+ new programs modeled after hi-end hardware reverbs.
- ProTools/Mac: Parameter Automation.
- ProTools/Mac: Complete page table support for all supported control surfaces.
Bugfixes: - works now with Tracktion 3.- - ProTools: Bypass working now. - Several internal bugfixes . Fully functional/time limited demo version is available

New releases available from DJtunes - (2007-09-22)
' RibCage' ; Timo Becker 'Advantage Becker' (original and Massimo Santucci remix) ; Airwave ' Progrez' ; Armin van Buuren feat. Racoon (single) ; Armin van Buuren ft ...... (album) ; Umek & i Turk ' Sundrenched Land / Anxious On Demand '

Subsonica in Studio. - (2007-09-22)
Sessione di registrazione del nuovo album, Samuel Boosta Ninja Vicio e Max; and news . Calendario concerti 2007.

Indiemeno agengy artists - (2007-09-22)
( Audio/visuals ) ; Ammuina ( Audio/visuals ) ; Andrea Chimenti ( Audio/visuals ); da’namaste ( Audio/visuals ); N.A.N.O. ( Audio/visuals ); Planet Brain ( Audio/visuals )
Indiemeno management, booking, press agency , Luca D'Alessandro

Cicada new albumlimited edition out now -(2007-09-20)
("Cicada" on Critical Mass records). Special edition with bonus CD including exclusive new tracks and mixes . New single 'Beautiful' with remixes from Michael Gray amd Mr. Miyagi available Otober 1st 2007

Vincenzo Favale Vs Tino Venditti "Heavy ep" - (2007-09-20)
new release available from 9records

RecordsByMail rare and collectible vinyl records - (2007-09-20)

Special downloading offers available from DJvox MP3 store . - (2007-09-20)
Highlights on Spencer Parker (house) , Thomas Penton (house), Unuflu (electro mimimal) .
Unsigned exclusive traxs: DJtraxvox . eMail .

Metamorphosis Recordings
- first release coming soon on Beatport (2007-09-12)
More audio/visuals, Contact:

Apogee Duet, (2007-09-11)
professional two-channel FireWire Audio Interface for Mac-

Daft Punk vs Slackshot - (2007-09-11)
new single "The Shirk Off (Album Samper 2)" on Slank
I Dance U (original mix) , I Dance U (Strider remix)

Steinberg WaveLab Essential 6 Audio Editing Application
- (2007-09-10)
WaveLab Essential 6 combines a set of audio editing, mastering and CD burning features with an integrated new podcasting module.It includes a set of audio editing and mastering features tailored to musicians, small-scale production environments, audio enthusiasts and podcast authors. The CD Montage recording and editing facilities offer recording sample-accurate editing in a 96
kHz/32-bit environment. Audio FX plug-ins , integrated Red Book-compatible CD burning engine . The new podcasting components add an internet publishing toolset, providing thenecessary functionality to publish audio on the web, including audio upload, site handling and much more. Integrated into the audio editing environment, the podcast module in WaveLab Essential 6 includes a full FTP client, support for the RSS 2.0 standard templates that guide newcomers in easy steps into the world of online audio publishing. WaveLab Essential 6 is priced at €99.00. WaveLab Essential 1 customers can upgrade to the new version for €59.00.
More info Steinberg

Gem Promega 2 - professional stage piano - (2007-09-05) -

Roland SP-55 - (2007-09-05)
Realtime Audio Toolkit for Live Performers , DJs, Producers, & Sample-Based Musicians.

Dave Smith Prophet '08
- (2007-09-05)

PreSonus Megastudio Artist
- (2007-09-05)
Production Studio: Hardware + Audio software + Video software +
virtual instrumnets, realtime effects, drum loops ans sound effetcts
8-Voice Analog Synthesizer

Apogee Symphony Mobile System - (2007-09-04)
Portable Audio Workstation for laptop computers

Chemical Brothers new album - (2007-09-04)

MixMeister Fusion - (2007-09-04)
pro DJ software application: live gigs or mix CD production
Mix Creation , File Handling , Export mixes to .MP3, .WAV and Windows Media formats ,
CD burning

Akai Pro MPK49
- (2007-09-03)
USB / Midi performance keyboard
Beat Creation, MIDI sequencing, Live Performance

DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 - (2007-09-02)
Vocal Harmony for guitarists.
Processor that automatically generate live multi-part vocal harmony by analyzing guitar chord progression.

Yamaha n8, n12 digital mixing console, fireWire - (2007-09-02)

Ibiza Trance Anthems 2007
(listen to) - artwork - (2007-09-01)
Mixed by DJs Nukleuz & Nebula vs Maelstrom .
Nukleuz plus Nebula plus Maelstrom = Ibiza Trance Anthems 2007.
The compilation includes exclusive tracks and classic mixes from the combined forces of the Nukleuz, Maelstrom and
Nebula catalogues.Tracks and remixes from Tiesto, Mauro Picotto, CRW, Dogzilla, Sander van Doorn, Armin van Buuren, Pierre Pienaar & P.H.A.T.T. . 22 tracks, 2 hour long exclusive mixes.

Yamaha NP-30 Portable Grand Digital Piano - (2007-09-01) -

Service FantHome Studio - (2007-09-01)
Studio di Registrazione, Service Spettacoli ,Concerti, Conferenze, Pianobar, Discoteca.
FantHome Studio, Fantini Gialuca, Via Delle Torri, 45 -47100 Forlì , Italy
Tel. +39 0543 27096

Mauro Picotto
new album "Now & Then" and "Live on Tour" DVD - (2007-09-01)

Roland SonicCell
- (2007-09-01)
expandable Synthesizer Module with Audio Interface.

Tascam CD-RW901SL
- (2007-09-01)
Professional Audio CD Recorder

Next age of electronic music .
Advanced audio-visual styles

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