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music musician recording studio pianoforte synthesizer audio video clip

REXANTHONY "The System" synth improvisation

Rick Wakeman Solo

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black star

Jordan Rudess on the Roland VP 770

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Original, subtitles) video (Bliss Corporation)


from Mac of BIOnighT to all Future Style readers -- (mp3 highlight: 'Justice')

Ibanez Artist guitar played by Gary Granger (C) -- (O) (O) (O) (O)

Like Vivert -- (I love acid)

DeStorm @ soundClick -- (O)

Soundkiller : Grey (The Sniper Remix) videoclip

Access Virus TI : 128 new ROM Techno/Trance/House patches by Manuel Schleis

Herman (DragonForce ex DragonHeart) guitarist: 'Valley of the Damned' (demo version)
Herman gear

Ibanez TS-7 Tube Screamer , Ibanez FZ-7 Fuzz

Michael Cretu - Enigma - interview (audio-video)

Taylor Gray (age: 13) guitarist: 'Cajun Chicken' . Taylor and Joe Satriani

Boss Blues Driver BD-2 pedal

Program 4: 'Only Machines' (audio)

Imperia: 'Mysted By Desire' (audio)

Nemesea: 'Threefold Law' (audio)

Voidloss Project (dark experimental techno) - Dirty Bass secret proj (audio)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs (audio-video)
deliver the Macworld Expo keynote address from Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Pitchshifter's 'Genius' videoclip

Pinosa new single : "Y Tu Amas" (Caballero recordings). Vocals by Mario Pinosa

2gi (Two genial idiots) ---- new EP : "io non ti amo" (Acedia Music) (audio) (Massimo Magri) "BPM" radio show (Switzerland)

Armin Van Buuren: A state of Trance Radio Compilation

DJ Tatana live at IN QONTROL - R.A.I. - Amsterdam

Green Day - 'American idiot' (audio, audio/video)

Peace Reporter : --- audiospot (testimonial voice LELLA COSTA)

James Ratcliff (KSS nov.04)

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