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2007 June 6

ELEZIONI SIAE (Societa' Italiana Autori ed Editori) - Domenica 24 Giugno 2007
UnioneArtisti, rivolge un invito al voto a tutti gli iscritti della Siae, allo scopo di stimolare la partecipazione alla scelta dei candidati, affinchè possano favorire una evoluzione positiva dei problemi del settore musicale.
Per conoscere i luoghi dove sarà possibile esercitare il diritto di voto e su come votare: S.I.A.E.
Unione Italiana degli Artisti
Via Pietro Cavallini, 2 - 00193 ROMA (Italy)
Tel. 06-32650423 - Fax 06-32111419

Elevate Recordings new releases : Sawparade's Flashback EP, Erkslab'sOn Earth EP
Headquarter: Warnes 3651, Olivos (1636) - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel/Fax (541) 4794-3282

Copenhagen Labels Festival program - 20-21-22-23-24 June 2007
More info : Jens Sonnenborg + 45 2625303, eMAil

New Features
- “Waterfall” spectrum display for better visualization of the sound model.
- Tracking parameter for residual noise component allows for more realistic/artistic usage of filtered noise in sounds.
- 80 new presets / 29 new sound models.
- Mac: MIDI program change messages now working with closed GUI.
- Mac/RTAS: Settings now stored properly.
- Attack time of amplitude envelope works goes now down to 0 milliseconds for
demotune which only uses the new presets/soundmodels.
A fully functional/time limited demo version is available
The update is free of charge for all registered users.

Paul van Dyk auf Tour mit neuem Album "In Between"

DJ Tunes new releases

Musicrow releases Drum Queen VSTi for windows PC (Us dollars 49.95)
Drum Queen is a virtual drum machine that produces synthesized sounds. Based on a sophisticated synthesis engine and using a variety of synthesis techniques, Drum Queen is able to produce a wide range of percussive tones.
Drum Queen is built of 10 synthesizers, each of them was especially designed to produce a specific drum sound. These synthesizers are much more advanced than the sound generators you would usually find in a classic drum machine, resulting with a fresh sounding drum tones.
Drum Queen makes an extensive use of velocity to modify the sound timbre i.e. a harder hit can sound very different than a softer one, and the rhythm is much more dynamic and natural.
Main Features:
- Enhanced control of instruments' sound. All sounds are fully programmable
- 75 Drum Kits included
- 12 percussion sounds per set
- Each drum tone has a separate sound generator
- Subtractive, additive, FM, and physical modeling synthesis techniques are all taking part in building the drum sounds.
- Digital distortion and analog saturation are part of the synthesis process
- Velocity changes the sound timbre to add a natural feel to the instruments
- Separate output for each instrument
More info Muicrow Group AudioSoftware

The long awaited first solo CD by world renown thereminist Pamelia Kurstin has been released. Featuring theremin, electronic effects and piano, it is the perfect showcase for the expressive capabilities of the Moog Etherwave Pro and of Pamelia's talent.
For more information, visit

Kammy (from Brazil), visuals/agenda 2007

"Back to Orion"
"Back to Orion" e' il titolo del nuovo concept-album del duo BIOnighT.
Die gli artworks: uno rosso (by Mac of Bionight) e uno special-edition blu (by Anny Ferrario).
Qui audio excerpts (mp3) dell'album.

Z.E.D. news

Natural Beat Festival 28 Luglio 2007, dal tramonto all'alba.
Location: Monte Cornua, localita' Casebecco (Sori, Genova, Italy)

Activa Records (from Italy) new release: Acti & Vorti "Raw"

"Stay" ; nuovo singolo di Manovale Sonoro (dj-producer italiano di casa BlissCo.)

Armin Van Buuren compilation 'A State Of Trance 2007' - out now
CD1 (on the beach) , CD2 ( in the club)

Lisa Lashes 'Can't Sleep' - out now

Fuochi Fatui (7/8/9/10 Giugno 2007) - Loria (Treviso, Italy) , eMail , MAP

MBG - 99r6 feat.mixes by Alex Kenji, Sara Galli, Mowree (

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