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2005 August 22

Miroslav Philharmonik: a workstation focused on orchestral instruments, ensembles and choirs
IK Multimedia announces that the Miroslav Philharmonik orchestra (for Mac OS X and Windows® 2000/XP) and choir sound workstation is now shipping worldwide. Miroslav Philharmonik is an integrated Orchestral Workstation plug-in combining 7GB of samples (arranged as 1,200 sounds/instruments) of the musician Miroslav Vitous Orchestra and Choir sample collection with dedicated, plug-in instrument. Platforms: RTAS, VST, DX, and Audio Units.
Demo: J.S. Bach, Orchestral Suite #2, BVW 1067 in B minor - Badinerie (-O-), Classical percussion (-O-), Miroslav Philharmonik video presentation (-O-)
Miroslav Philharmonik has introductory price of $499 (full version) and $349 (cross-grade price for registered SampleTank 2 L/XL users- prices VAT excluded). After the introductory price period is over -September 30th - the price will be $599 (full version) and $399 (cross-grade)
IK Multimedia Productions srl - Via dell'Industria, 46 - 41100 Modena - ITALY - Phone: +39-059-285496 - Fax: +39-059-2861671 - Distributors

Outline's COM.P.A.S.S.
COM.P.A.S.S, robotized loudspeaker moved by 5 motors, provides remote setup and adjustment of vertical and horizontal directivity. From 60° to 150° on the horizontal plane (even with asymmetric settings) and from 0° to 15° on the vertical plane. A built-in laser system displays luminous beams to determine quickly and precisely the coverage of the audio system.
Outline s.n.c., Head Office: Via Leonardo da Vinci, 56 - 25020 Flero - Brescia - Italy - tel. (+39) 030 35.81.341 , fax (+39) 030 35.80.431, e-mail
Outline UK - tel. 0044 0 1778 42.03.30 , fax 0044 0 1778 42.03.55 , e-mail

Koney's new cyber/industrial/hardcore track
New Koney track released on Terrorized Industry label, from Switzerland. It's a "loud" remix of "Emplant" released on Quirx label (2001). Listen to "Emplant 2005 rmx" : (O)

2005 August 19

Treia (Italy) : La Forza d'Amor
18 agosto 2005: on stage (in prima nazionale) a Treia (Macerata), teatro Comunale, "La Forza d'Amor", opera pastorale di Bernardo Pasquini su libretto di Giovanni Filippo Apolloni
Cast: Silvio (pastore) Matteo Bellotto basso, Filli (ninfa) Roberta Mameli soprano, Nise (ninfa) Emanuela Galli soprano.
Ensamble Cantar Lontano, Christophe Timpe violino , Pietro Meldolesi violino , Andrea Fossà violoncello , Paolo Zuccari contrabbasso , Gabriele Palomba tiorba, Marco Mencoboni clavicembalo e direzione musicale
Regia di Gianpaolo Fagotto
Progetto: Opera minima.
Marco Mencoboni: "Opera minima è un progetto di 'E lucevan le stelle scarl' finalizzato all’allestimento e alla messa in circuito di un’opera musicale seicentesca all’interno di spazi teatrali di tradizione, normalmente esclusi dall’ambito delle grandi produzioni operistiche o concertistiche."
19 agosto ore 21:30 replica a Mogliano (Teatro Apollo).

Watch "La Forza d'Amor" (-O-) (sample/clip by

Treia infoline (+39) 0733218705 , e-mail
Mogliano infoline (+39) 0733557771 , e-mail

2005 August 12

EAR - Electro-Acoustic Research Modular Synth Line
EAR features the work of two modular synth designers, Mike Brown of Livewire and Peter Grenader of Plan B. EAR has also announced that it will be the exclusive manufacturer of Tony Allgood's Oakley Sound Systems designs in MOTM and Deopfer formats.
Electro-Acoustic Research (EAR), the consortium of modular synth designers, has announced a new line of modular synthesizer gear. The modules will be available in MOTM-compatible and Doepfer-compatible formats.
Photos: Complex VCO (-O-), ADSR/VCA (-O-)
Short audio demo of Plan B goods in action (-O-)
EAR contacts: toll free in continental US 1- 877-300-2228, e-mail

TerraTec Producer PHASE X 24 FW Firewire audio interface
The professional version of PHASE 24 FW (front image , rear image) features a range of connection options and sophisticated FireWire technology: two analog inputs (line, hi-Z or mic in with 48V phantom power), four outputs, digital I/O, MIDI I/O, insert jacks and gain knobs. The package includes Steinberg´s Cubase LE workstation software with 48 audio tracks, WaveLab lite 2.5 and Native Instruments Traktor DJ software. Euro 359,00.
TerraTec Electronic , Herrenpfad 38 - D-41334 Netteta (Germany) - e-mail
tel.: +49-2157-81790 , fax: +49-2157-817922 , hotline: +49-2157-817914

2005 August 07

Severino Blues Festival 2005 - Italy
San Severino Blues Festival
ein association with Comune di San Severino Marche, Provincia di Macerata, Regione Marche, Comuni e Pro Loco di Appignano, Tolentino, Pollenza, Treia, Gagliole
August 5, 2005: Elisabeth Reed band on stage at Rocca di Varano Gagliole .
Elisabeth Reed band line-up:
Jaime Dolce (slide guitar, voice) , Davide Mancini (guitar) , Maurizio Sammicheli: (guitar), Luigi Genise: (piano) , Carlo Romagnoli: (bass) , Marco Barsanti: (drum).

Watch Elisabeth Reed band on stage (-O-) (clip by

San Severino Blues Festival infoline (+39) 339.6733590 - Ufficio Cultura San Severino (+39) 0733.641252 , e-mail

2005 August 05

Don Airey and the Perfect Strangers band @ Trodica di Morrovalle, Italy
Don Airey on stage with the Perfect Strangers band
Trodica di Morrovalle, Italy (August 04, 2005 )

Perfect Strangers (this on-stage) line-up :
Valeriano Prati (vocal), Francesco Caporaletti (bass), Roberto Basili (guitar), Antonio Guidotti (drum).
Managed by Ivano Bosello Enterprises.
P.A. System/Service supplied by Ermanno Antonelli.

Watch Don Airey on stage (-O-) (clip by

2005 August 02

Digital Performer version 4.5x
Now available as a free download to all Version 4.5x users, Digital Performer 4.6
New features: Pitch Automation. Pattern Gate Plug-in. V-Racks. AAF file interchange. Film/Video Scoring Enhancements. Multiple outputs for AU plug-ins & ReWire. Audio Click. Bounce to QuickTime Movie. Productivity Enhancements.
Mark of the Unicorn -1280 Massachusetts Avenue- Cambridge, MA 02138
tel. 617.576.2760, fax 617.576.3609,

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