Ufo (Unique Filters and Oscillators)

software synthesizer for Windows / OS-X
Audeon has updated UFO for Mac OS X as a Universal Binary.

eur 119

Audio demo
Morphing arpeggio
Tronic UFO
Ambient electronica
New age


UFO Demo version plugin (Windows/OS X)
UFO as a Standalone synth (for Windows Demo and Full versions)

Ufo is built upon Audeon’s proprietary TransModal Synthesis engine . Programming a sound consists of placing dots on 2D controllers featuring perceptual attributes such as Periodicity, Brightness, Noisiness, Chaos, etc.
Hundreds of simultaneous parameter modulations can be achieved by drawing coloured arrows on these 2D controllers.

Video tutorial

14 rue du Louis d'Or
35000 Rennes


Next age of electronic music .
Advanced audio-visual style
2007 december

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