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Doris Norton --------> 'solo' releases

UnderGround (album)
Parapsycho (album)
Raptus (album) (1981)
Norton Computer For Peace (album) (1983)
Personal Computer (album) (1984)
Artificial Intelligence (album) (1985)
Automatic Feeling (album) (1986)
The Double Side Of The Science (album) (1990)
Next Objective (album) (1993)
Next Objective two (album) (1994)
Next Objective three (album) (1995)
Document One (album collection)
01 Rave (single) (1991)
08 Rave (single) (1992)
Tayrah (single) (1993)
Trancefiguraction (single) (1993)

Doris Norton --------> collaborations

Doris Norton & Rexanthony
Techno Shock (album) (1992)
Techno Shock 2 (album) (1992)
Techno Shock 3 (album) (1993)
Techno Shock : Techno old school classix vol.1 (2 CD collection) (2003)

Doris Norton collaborations with Rexanthony
(Rexanthony selected albums, singles)

An.Tho.Ny (single) (1992)
For You Marlene (single) (1992) , audio/video
Gener-Action (single) (1993)
Menticide (single) (1994)
Super You (single) (1994)
Techno Shock 4 (album) (1994)
Techno Shock 5 (album) (1995)
Techno Shock 6 (album) (1996)
Techno Shock 7 (album) (1996)
Techno Shock 8 (album) (199-)
Fine Pleasure (album (1997) audio/video
Audax (album 1998)
Hearthquake (double CD collection) (1998)
Hardcorized (album) (2001)
Techno Shock 9 (album) (2001)
Techno Shock 10 (album) (2002)
Capturing Matrix (CD single) (2003) , audio/video
Capturing Matrix (vinyl-mix) (2003)
Capturing Future (album) (2003)
(selected compilations Rexanthony tracks appear on)
Maharaja Night vol.Final (JP)
Thunderdome, - The essential collection 1992-1999 (NL)
Thunderdome, - The Megamix Of Thunderdome 1-5! (NL)
Thunderdome -F*ck Mellow (NL)-
Best of the Best Hardcore 100 (NL)
Hyper Techno Mission One (JP)
AeroBeat 2 (JP)
Ronde Club (JP)
Hyper Techno Paradise (JP)
Thunderdome, The Best Of.... (NL)
The History Of Hardcore III (I)
Thunderdome, Hardcore Will Never Die (NL)
The Best Of Hardcore (I)
Happy Hardcore Top 100 (NL)

Doris Norton selected collaborations with Antonius Rex

"Magic Ritual"
(DVDplus) (2005,publishing Warner Chappell)
(Doris Norton : album arranger, video director)
(excerpt from the DVD)

"Perpetual Adoration"
(video) (2006, publishing RAI Trade)
(Doris Norton video director)

"Switch on Dark"
(album) (2006, publishing Warner Chappell, RAI Trade)
(Doris Norton co-composer, album arranger)

Doris Norton --------> compilations

Various artists album/compilations Doris Norton tracks appear on

"Cocorico 2" (album) (1994)
a "concepted by NO'STANDARD Group" album
(Doris Norton abum co-composer, arranger, computer programming)

"Cocorico 3" (double album) (1995)
CD-1 : VARIOUS COMPOSERS - "Cocorico" (album)
(Doris Norton co-composer)
CD-2: U FISTY FUSSY - "Chagrin et Plaisir" (album)
(a Doris Norton collaboration with
Loris Riccardi and prince Maurice Agosti)

"Super Club Grooving' VOL.9" (JP)
"Super Club Grooving' VOL.10" (JP)
Outer Space Communications v.1.01 (I)
400% Underground (D)
Insomnia (I)

all Doris Norton songs dedicated to
Flavius Julianus
(killed in action)

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