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Doris Norton (pioneer in the early electro / computer music) began her musical carrer playing avant-garde and progressive music using synthesizers such as Roland System 700 and Minimoog. In 1980 she recorded her first solo album entitled "Under Ground". Sponsored by Apple computer and the Roland Corporation music instruments, she was more involved in experimental electro computerized music and recorded the albums "Parapsycho" (1981), "Raptus" (1981), "Norton Computer For Peace" (1983), "Personal Computer" (1984), "Artificial Intellingence" (1985). In 1986 she became an official consultant for IBM Computer Music and recorded two compact discs for IBM entitled "Automatic Feeling" and "The Double Side of Science" (both in new age /computer sound and psychoactive music area). In 1990 Doris Norton joined the independent label Sob: contaminated by her young son Rexanthony, she was attracted to the '90 rising techno music rhythms and composed "Techno Shock Volume One" and "Techno Shock Volume two" both recorded in studio 'a quattro mani' with her 13 years old son. In the early 1993 she composed "Techno Shock Volume Three", considered by the critics as "a good revolutionary example of techno metal music". In September 1993 Doris Norton started a new techno/trance project called "Next Objective" (the first of three in the hypnotic series) and also composed most of the songs then appeared on the Rexanthony's "Techno Shock Volume Four" and songs for "Cocorico' Two" (1994), "Cocorico' Three" and "Chagrin et Plaisir U Fisty Fussy" (1995) . Her albums "Next Objective Two", "Next Objective Three" and "Document One" have been released between 1994 and 1995 along with various singles. Since ever involved in visual arts (under several pseudonyms), in the 2004 she officially re-started walking 'the video path' and has been the "Magic Ritual" (published by Warner, 2005) and "Perpetual Adoration" (published by Rai Trade, 2006) director. In 2006 she also arranged the album "Switch on Dark" (Warner, Rai Trade) distributed in the Usa by Century Media.

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